Frontend Fem Fest

February 25, 2017 // Saturday, 9am-6pm // @Turbine Flats

A bunch of people getting up and sharing the tech-y things they LOVE, and helping us know what it might mean to get started (if we also think it's groovy) and what they've done or made with it! And us all listening and asking... and snacks, and free etc.


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Casey Kettler

Blankslate WP theme

Um duh you don't know what that is?
Totally custom, gutted theme, yo!

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Becky Sharkey

WP // Hack a Theme

Guess what this speaker is so kind and wonderful
and she's a WP maestro! Don't know Wordpress WHO CARES.

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Stephanie Eckles


Not even the typical kind and it's still great!
We can get kind of mathy with our CSS WOW YES :/ ?

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Alisa Heinzman


When things get all move-y
And we didn't even code it to.

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Ella Durham

CSS Animations

You can pretty much make magic happen
Like a circle that moves over a background and magnifies the background WOW

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Gretchen Larsen

Bare Conductive Board

programable like arduino/raspberry pi
but easy like REAL PIE and we can make music with it

"We do, doodley do, doodley do, doodley do,
What we must, muddily must, muddily must, muddily must;
Muddily do, muddily do, muddily do, muddily do,
Until we bust, bodily bust, bodily bust, bodily bust."

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Andrew Ek

Git / GitHub

talking to your computer
with twidgy annoying lines of code ! yikes/ YAY!

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Mickey Tran

AppInventor II

um We Can Build (android) Apps ?? !!
simple to get started, and it goes deep.

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it's like... movie animation times photoshop
um, yeah. WHAT WHAT

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Grant ShangreaxLux

Programming in Elm

OR a delightful language for reliable web apps

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JOrdan Sharpe

Open Source Libraries

The Future is Free

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Madeline Cass


Up your photog flow GAME
and learn from Madeline who is Great

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Sourabh Chakraborty

Designing a Web App

from idea to sketch
um, WHAT? (sourabh's so great don't worry)


9am...Making Gifs

9:30am...Hack a WP Theme

10am...Designing Web App

10:30am...CSS Animations

11am...Open Source Libraries


noon...eating food etc.

1pm...Bare Conductive Board

1:30pm...CSS Grid


2:30pm...Elm Programming for Webapps

3pm...Wordpress FTW


4pm...Building Apps w/App InventorII



Being a human is hard. Being a human in the tech industry is also hard. But wow! Guess what! Behind all the stuff, all the sometimes dumb stuff, we can use technology to MAKE THINGS. We get to MAKE COOL THINGS! (or dumb, weird, ugly, useless, etc.)

We think that Making things, doing things, That is The Thing To Do. And we want to share those things. Hold our Dumb Things Up in the Air! And learn or remember that we can make Dumb Things Too!

Frontend Fem Fest is for everyone. Not sure if that includes you? It does.

It's possible that FFF is an alley or avenue with things you could learn about that you don't care to learn about. However it is also possible that that alley has a cat and is Great.

hang out, help plan, share something, code a moving toad etc.

Do you want to do something with us?